Custom Exhibit Design: The Trade Show Edge

Many business people create wonderful products. They carefully design and test them while predicting the needs of customers. They pour their passion, care, and pride into each stage of production. They pin their reputations on that product, which can make or break financial success, business longevity, or even careers. Accordingly, these elite business people want to introduce and show off their products in the best possible way. However, those who create fantastic products aren’t necessarily experts in marketing them, especially in the trade show venue. Luckily, exhibit companies are there to provide an extra advantage. Below are a list of benefits companies like Steelhead Productions provide innovative individuals and businesses.

Exhibit designers are experts in showing off a product’s advantages. They display the aesthetic qualities of a beautiful product, while narrating its long-term applications, relevance, and reliability. They help potential buyers visualize how a product will benefit them in their everyday lives.

They are happy to design trade show booths from the ground up, or simply provide analysis, advice, and constructive critiques of exhisting exhibits.

They work with established companies that can afford expensive, extravagant exhibits or with emerging businesses with modest advertising budgets. Either way, the best exhibit designers effectively market and advertise a product within a small or large exhibit booth.

Because of their substantial connections within the trade show circuit, many exhibit companies help businesses negotiate prime booth locations. They eliminate the worry of dealing with booth size restrictions, trade show rules, set up, take down, and other logistical matters. Some exhibit companies even host their own, small trade shows. Highly successful exhibits often gain extra exposure as part of the exhibit company’s press kit, website, or as an in-house example display.


They work with a diverse clientele. Whether a business offers a single product, a product line, or a specific set of services, exhibit companies can accommodate them by emphasizing the concrete, real-world advantages of the product. They bridge the gap between what customers need and what costumers do not realize they need in a quality product.

In addition to custom-designed exhibits, companies offer alternatives for tighter budgets or clients who only exhibit products a few times a year. Custom rental exhibits are templates composed of tested-and-true designs. While pre-made, they are easily be made unique and suitable to the qualities of the individual product and seller.

The world of trade shows and conventions is a vast sea of great products displayed to their best effects. Exhibit companies can help businesses even the playing field get an advantage over competitors. Potential clients can view Steelhead Productions and other examples of exhibit design at custom exhibit design.

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